Asham in partnership with Cargill Curling Training Centre

Asham in partnership with Cargill Curling Training Centre

Asham Sponsored Teams will save 20% off sessions, memberships & training at the Cargill Curling Training Centre in Morris Manitoba

In our continued partnership with the Cargill Curling Training Centre, we are extremely excited to announce that any approved Asham-sponsored team* will receive a 20% discount on session bookings, memberships, and training at the Cargill Curling Training Centre. The Cargill Curling Training Centre (CCTC) is a state-of-the-art complete training centre, open year-round, offering resources in fitness, physio, mental readiness, nutrition, and technical and tactical training for the beginner to the elite athlete.

The centre is equipped with an on-ice 55” TV and computer with video capture software for quick capture and review of delivery or sweeping. The CCTC uses lasers, speed traps, and training gates to assist curlers and coaches to understand the player’s delivery and the impacts of the thrown stone. There are also several iPads to assist in video analysis. The centre has a Canadian Rock Thrower which allows teams to train for sweeping efficiency and effectiveness, rotation, understanding changing ice conditions, and other related activities. Lorne and Chris Hamblin are level 4 NCCP coaches and will train you or your team on the equipment so you can work on your own. Lorne and Chris or other coaches, can also be booked to work with your team. Find the training that meets your needs! You can book two-hour sessions or purchase a membership for the season from May 1 to September 30. Memberships must be confirmed by May 15, 2023.

Asham encourages all of their teams to visit the Cargill Curling Training Centre and see what they have to offer! Hourly sessions, weekend sessions, or memberships are available. Transform your game and Curl your best with Asham….and the Cargill Curling Training Centre!

There will be an Asham Sponsored Team Orientation at the CCTC! Message if you’re interested in attending!  

*all teams must be preapproved with Asham Curling Supplies to receive discount

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Testimonial Team Camarena

In late September 2022, Asham Curling sponsored seven Mexican women curlers to attend a skill development camp in Morris, Manitoba. We trained, learned, played and bonded over a four-day period under the guidance and instruction of Lorne and Chris Hamblin, top-notch Canadian Level IV coaches and founders of the Cargill Curling Training Centre.

Our days were filled with skills drills documented on multi-angle videos that helped us understand and improve our deliveries and sweeping. Using their unique robot, the Canadian Rock Thrower, we learned about true ice and effective sweeping technique. In the warm room, we had strategy and mental resilience sessions that became crucial later on in the competition. Our hosts also organized scrimmages with local teams so we could apply the skills learned during our training in a competitive setting. Our debriefing sessions further allowed us to fine-tune our team roles. We were also given the opportunity to talk with pro-curler Kate Cameron who gave us insights (on and off the ice) into what it takes to perform at the elite level.

In early November, four of the women who attended the Asham-sponsored camp—Karla Martinez, Veronica Huerta, Estefana Quintero, and Adriana Camarena—medaled silver for Mexico in the inaugural 2022 Pan Continental Curling Cup, B-Division in Calgary.  Asham Curling and the Cargill Curling Training Centre set us on the road to excellence, and we are looking forward to returning this year to continue developing our skills!

¡Muchas gracias!

Team Camarena
2023 Team Mexico
IG @teamcamarenamx