Vise Gloves

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Vise Curling Gloves are here to revolutionize your performance on the ice. These gloves are designed to give you the perfect grip, warmth, and style, all in one package.

Unparalleled Grip: Thanks to their 40% Digital Leather construction, Vise Gloves provide an unbeatable grip on your curling stone. Feel in control with every slide, delivering precise and accurate shots effortlessly.

Winter-Proof Comfort: Say goodbye to cold, numb hands on the icy rink. Vise Gloves are engineered with a perfect blend of 30% Nylon and 30% Polyester, keeping your hands snug and warm in the chilliest of conditions.

Precision Meets Style: We believe that function should never compromise style. Vise Gloves not only perform flawlessly but also look incredible with their sleek design. Curl in style and confidence.