Equipment Care Guide

Asham Competitor Curling Shoe

Here are some tips to extend the life of your curling shoes:

#1 Refrain from moving or stopping rocks with your shoes: One of the hardest things on your shoes is to move rocks with the side of your foot. The striking band on the rock can break down the stitching and material on the side of your shoe. Never move rocks with the side of your foot.

#2 Proper shoe storage: Do not store your shoes in extreme temperatures. Either extreme cold or extreme heat can cause the gripper material to breakdown or harden prematurely and can reduce the grippers traction on the ice.

#3 Proper foot placement in the hack: Putting the toe of your shoe in the hack will cause the toe of your gripper and sole of your shoe to break down. Repeatedly pushing off with your toe against the rubber grip of the hack is very hard on your shoe. Put the ball of your foot in the hack to reduce damage caused by the hack.

#4 Keep your shoes in good condition: Debris on the ice can be frustrating. This debris can come from your shoes. Wipe your shoes with a slightly damp cloth to keep them clean. You can clean your shoe or slip-on gripper with luke-warm soapy water using mild dish detergent. Be sure to use a lint free cloth. Allow the gripper to air dry completely before storing.
Grippers can loose their grip over time if this happens rejuvenate the gripper surface by heating it with a hair blower. The heat will soften the gripper material and give more grip.
Like any equipment, your gripper will eventually wear out and need replacing. Most of Asham shoes come with the RDS® system which allows you to easily and cost effectively replace your grippers because they attach by way of Velcro®. You don’t have to send your shoes in to have the gripper replaced just go to or go to your closest Asham dealer and order your replacement gripper disks. Easy as that!

#5 Keep your slider protected: To keep your slider from getting scratched or damaged keep it covered with a slip-on gripper when not in use. This will reduce wear and tear on your slider.

#6 Dry your shoes between games: Shoe can become damp during play. Especially if you work hard sweeping.

Keeping your equipment in good condition is a way to show your icemakers and fellow curlers consideration.
You do your part to care for your shoes and we do ours! All of Asham’s shoes are backed by the best warranty in the industry. 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!

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