Composite Flash V2 Curling Broom

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A great curling broom for curlers of all ages and skill levels. Lightweight and durable Composite broom optimizes performance, minimizes weight, and maximizes strength. 

This redesigned V2 head is made of lightweight high impact ABS with great strength to weight characteristics with two built-in sliding bars. Fits any standard oval pad.

Asham 1" Composite handles are made with the same table-rolled carbon fiber layup techniques of professional hockey sticks and a composite blend of both carbon fiber sheet and lightweight fiberglass to bring you an economical light-weight curling broom. This composite handle comes with a curling broom V2 head and pad.

Available in either a 1" or 1-1/8" diameter handle. 

Weight handle only:

1" 246 grams

1-1/8"  273 grams